Outdoor Attractions In Palm Springs

palm-canyon-palm-springs-588When vacationing to Palm Springs, there are plenty of outdoor activities and sights to see in the surrounding area.  To make the most of an outdoor adventure, you might consider taking a guided tour and embrace nature as it is.  You can find a Nightwatch Stargazing Adventure Jeep Tour which allows you to explore the landscape along the San Andreas Fault, and at the same time enjoying the magnificent views of the start in the night sky.

The entire area around Palm Springs is plentiful in wildlife and it’s natural beauty, so definitely plan on taking advantage of this.  There are a few nature parks that you can visit, including the Joshua Tree National Park, which is nearly 870 miles wide and provides hiking trails and biking trails and plenty of space for a family picnic.  You also have the Indian Canyons, made up of 3 different canyons displaying astounding waterfalls, rock formations and lush vegitation.

Another top attraction in Palm Springs is golfing.  There are approximately 90 golf courses in the Palm Springs area, all offering incredible desert landscape and views to behold.  Some of our favorite courses include Westin Mission Hills and the Mesquite Country Club, but you can try afew out yourself and let us know which ones you like.


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  6. I’ve heard good things about these guided tours. I’m going to have to give one a try.

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